First Look: comScore Enables Ad Verification Measurement via IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK

First Look: comScore Enables Ad Verification Measurement via IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK

This week, comScore announced that with the launch of the IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), comScore will enable its ad verification measurement for campaigns delivered on mobile applications leveraging the industry SDK.

This launch, and comScore’s involvement, paves the way for increased ad verification measurement on mobile, helping media buyers and sellers access consistent metrics across all platforms to ensure campaigns have an opportunity to make an impact.

“As mobile advertising continues its rapid growth, it’s critical that measurement options keep pace,” said Dan Hess, chief product officer at comScore. “The Open Measurement SDK stands to further expand the reach of in-app campaign verification, and we are excited to be collaborating with the IAB Tech Lab Working Group to make this a reality for the industry.”

According to a provided release, we’re told that the OM SDK works in tandem with the existing comScore SDK, a single SDK that unlocks in-app measurement across comScore’s flagship Media Metrix audience suite and comScore advertising solutions, which measure campaign audiences, viewability, invalid traffic and brand safety, as well as campaign impact on brand equity, sales, location visits and other behaviors.

“Our customers and partners have varied measurement needs, which include and extend beyond ad viewability,” continued Hess. “We know many of our clients require extended in-app audience and advertising measurement to improve their monetization and marketing efforts, which is why we’ll continue to support and offer our own SDK technology alongside the ad verification features within the IAB Tech Lab OM SDK.”

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