Google Assistant Can Recognize Cat and Dog Breeds Using Photos by @MattGSouthern

Google is getting smarter when it comes to image recognition with updates rolled out to Google Assistant and Google Photos.

Google Lens, which is built into Assistant and Photos, is now capable of recognizing specific breeds of dogs or cats. Just take a photo of a cat or dog with Lens, or get Lens to analyze a photo that already exists on your device.

Lens will analyze the photo and, if it finds a match, pull a snippet of information about the breed from Google Search. You can see an example in the GIF below:

Google Assistant Can Recognize Cat and Dog Breeds Using Photos by @MattGSouthern

If Google Lens is not able to determine the exact breed, it will instead return a carousel with suggestions of what breed it might be.

Previously, Google Lens was able to recognize when a dog or cat was in a photo, but would not have been able to determine the exact breed.

This update appears to be rolling out gradually, with some users reporting to have it already but not others.

Author: Brandon

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