Search Marketing Company WordStream Acquired for $130 Million by @MattGSouthern

Search Marketing Company WordStream Acquired for $130 Million by @MattGSouthern

WordStream, a provider of search marketing software solutions, is being acquired by Gannett Co. for $130 Million in cash.

With this acquisition, Gannett will build upon its existing data-driven digital marketing services, ReachLocal and SweetIQ.

Robert Dickey, president and chief executive officer of Gannett, says:

”WordStream’s technology, extensive data and analytics capabilities together with an experienced executive team will bring tremendous value to Gannett’s expanding digital marketing services business.”

WordStream is expected to earn $55 million in digital marketing services revenue for Gannett in the first year following this acquisition.

Gannett, through WordStream, ReachLocal and SweetIQ, will now be able to provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services. Howard Kogan, chief executive officer at WordStream, speaks on the future of the company:

”We see tremendous opportunity to leverage our companies’ combined data, analytics and marketing technologies to enhance the capabilities that WordStream brings to the DIY market, thereby accelerating our ability to drive further success and growth for our customers.”

WordStream will continue to be headquartered in Boston, MA.

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