Top 10 Modern B2B Marketing Blogs of 2017

Wow, 2018 is here already. Did that sound insincere? It might be because I’m writing this all the way from 2017. It might also be because I have no idea whether 2018 even happens at this point. If the world did end when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, then this blog post is pretty redundant. Anyway, 2017 is over, and it was filled with great content while it lasted. Here’s a rundown of our 10 most popular B2B Marketing blogs from 2017.

10) Social Media Engagement: Quality Over Quantity… Every Time

First up is this gem from back in May. It’s easy to forget the importance of great engagements on social, but this blog covers what a quality engagement looks like, as well as how to measure social media engagement.

9) 25 Twitter Mistakes

At number nine in our list is our post about the biggest mistakes to make on Twitter. It covers everything from terrible automated messages to buying followers. But fear not, there are also recommendations for how you can ace Twitter, instead of just highlighting mistakes.

8) The Email Marketing Sandwich

Turns out plenty of you were hungry for email-based blog posts this year, because at number eight in our countdown is the Email Marketing Sandwich. Email marketing is a blessing, but only when it’s planned well. Here is our recipe for making a great sandwich from the email marketing basics.

7) Social Media Basics: The Things You Were Afraid To Ask

At number seven is our guide to the social media basics. We boil down all the platforms to their skin and bones and show you what the most important features are in a B2B context. This post covers Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

6) 5 Hot Digital Marketing Tips To Make The Most Of Your Campaigns

This post from February covers how you can make the most of your marketing campaigns by understanding your buyers, measuring your results, and working your campaigns harder than ever before. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

5) You Won’t Believe These 5 Issues With Clickbait Marketing

We’ve all been there. An intriguing headline catches your eye, only to direct you to a few lines of unrelated and uninspiring text. This article takes aim at B2B marketers who employ clickbait tactics in their blog posts and shows you a better way.

4) How B2B Marketing Strategies Need To Adapt To Changing B2B Buyer Behaviour

The way B2B buyers identify products has changed a great deal. This blog post takes a look at these changes and how marketers can adapt to them. It covers search trends over time, as well as other digital platforms that B2B buyers use to discover products.

3) The Tide of Persona Based Marketing (in B2B)

In the B2B world now, sales tend to rule. The focus is less on the person, and more on the sale. But recently, there’s been a change for the better. We look at the importance of personas and how a focus on consumer insight and behaviour can be hugely beneficial.

2) The Personal Touch: Emotional Advertising and H2H Marketing

We’ve reached number two on our list. This post from January covers the importance of emotions and emotional engagement in B2B marketing and the reasons it works so well.

1) The Importance Of The Client-Agency Relationship (And Why It Works)

Drumroll please… Our most popular blog post from 2017 is this great blog from back in April. In this post, we look at something we care a great deal about: the relationship between an agency and their clients.

So, there you have it. A year full of awesome content. If you found any of these posts helpful, there are plenty of other blog posts and insights for you to take a look at. If you’d like to stay up to date with our blog posts, make sure you give us a follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Top 10 Modern B2B Marketing Blogs of 2017

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